We take care of all your Testing needs


Functional/Regression Testing

Eliminate quality risks of your applications with our rigorous and integrated testing techniques that lend flexibility to your application development cycles.


Web Services Testing

Robust REST/SOAP web services testing procedures that include diverse and effective testing processes for identifying bugs and streamlining processes.


Mobile Apps Testing

Testing services for native apps, responsive designs & mobile designs. Employing efficient and precision-based testing methodology for seamless operation across smart phones & tablets.

Functional Testing is an indispensable process in the software development life cycle, regardless of the nature or size of the project. In order to boost efficiencies and deliver a great product, it is imperative to adopt proven functional testing procedures.
ZenQ offers a set of multi-faceted functional testing services employing a wide range of testing techniques that eliminate quality risks and improve cost-efficiencies of software products across multitude of platforms. Our dedicated and highly skilled team of functional testing experts have extensive experience across BFSI, Education, HealthCare and E-commerce.domains.
Our Functional Testing Methodology is well structured and easily adaptable. We follow a prioritized test approach, which enables us to identify defects early in the test cycle, achieve maximum test coverage & ensure cost efficiency while retaining the testing efficacy.
If you are looking to hire functional testing experts for your testing project or want to outsource functional testing projects on an ongoing basis by having an extended offshore software testing team, get in touch with ZenQ today.

Advantage BVM

  • Unmatched experience and proven expertise across platforms and complexities
  • Flexible QA approach tailored to meet the project needs
  • Risk-based Test Strategy to identify defects early in the test cycle & ensure efficient test coverage
  • Unique Test automation tools for accelerating time to market
  • A No-Cost, No-Obligation Pilot
  • Quick team ramp-up and ramp-down based on project needs

We take care of all your Performance Testing needs


Framework and Test Development

Our team design frameworks that could help in successful execution of software projects.


Mobile Test Automation

We reduce your test period by building best test automation solutions for your moblie apps.s


Test analysis and Maintenance

We examine your app and give you the detailed description of errors in your products. And gives continuous efficient Maintenance for your product.

Software development practices change over time, so do the tools and technologies. Such changes aim to improve productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, to tackle ever-shorten delivery time, and to deliver successful products and services. Software testing obviously plays an important role in achieving these objectives.
With the advent of technology, the need for speed and precision has become paramount. Businesses face a constant challenge to orient the testing cycles of their products/applications around the expected time-to-market and available resources. Moreover, compromising on the efficiency of the product or application is also not an option.
Test automation provides the ideal solution to businesses by enhancing the speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness of the testing process. Many businesses are considering it an effective strategy, as it improves test coverage, reduces time to market, and increases reliability and productivity.
Advantage BVM
  • Best & Dedicated Team for Test Automation
  • We build reusable test automation frameworks for popular automation tools
  • Clean and description of errors with screanshots,reports and logs

We take care of all your Performance Testing needs


ERP/CRM Applications Performance Testing

End-to-end application load testing for Thick and Thin Client based apps (e.g. SAP, ERP, PeopleSoft) to help validate performance across specific business requirements.


Mobile AppPerformance Assessment

Comprehensive capabilities to identify, plan, and execute tests to validate performance of mobile applications.


Media StreamingUser Experience Assessment

Assessing performance of applications with media content. Testing configurations to evaluate and improve streaming and downloading experience.

In today’s highly demanding and competitive market, be it an enterprise solution or a customer oriented application - performance is one of the key factors that impact the business success. A number of classic examples exist where applications have experienced manyfold success with a meagre 2 - 3 seconds reduction in page response time and examples where applications have lost the user-base to a point of no-return due to poor performance. In such a scenario, it is imperative that the business invests in comprehensive performance testing of their applications to ensure the application performance meets the end-user expectations and perform better than competitors’ solutions.
At ZenQ, we believe that every application is unique and deserves customized performance testing. Using proprietary frameworks and plugins, proven best practices combined with expertise acquired through successful delivery of large-scale performance testing projects, ZenQ’s team of performance test analysts can help you in realizing your application’s true performance in real-world conditions and also support you in optimizing application performance to meet the business needs and in gaining the competitive edge.
If you are looking to hire performance test experts for your testing needs or want to outsource performance testing projects on an ongoing basis by having an extended offshore software testing team, get in touch with ZenQ today.
Advantage ZenQ
  • Dedicated CoE (Centre of Excellence) for Performance Testing
  • Proven track record of delivering large-scale performance test engagements
  • Comprehensive and customized multi-level load testing services for applications supporting thousands of concurrent users
  • Emphasis on validating application performance in real user conditions
  • Cost effective and flexible solutions
Our Approach
Over the years, ZenQ has built a comprehensive approach, which can be customized based on client needs, which has helped us deliver effective results for every project we undertake.
Our dedicated team of performance test experts, collaborate with the client to determine performance objectives and identify the scope of testing engagement. Latest technologies, industry standard & open source performance tools are then employed to validate application performance.

Our Approach

Relevant metrics are gathered during execution to analyze the performance and identify bottlenecks within the framework. At the conclusion of the testing, we provide a comprehensive report that includes performance test results, root cause analysis & strategic advice to improve the application performance & optimize the application.

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