IT Production Support & Maintenance

The client

The client is a large west coast-based electric utility company. It distributes electricity to a wide range of customers including small domestic customers and medium / large commercial and industrial users. It also has significant generating capacity from interests in nuclear, hydroelectric and fossil-fueled power plants.

Business needs

After a successful replacement of its legacy CIS system with a distributed customer service system based on a relational database, the client wanted to execute production support and maintenance for the applications, for a cost effective solution. The client decided to examine offshore possibilities to support this objective. It wanted to capitalize on the competency of the outsourcing vendor selected to create a common team for optimizing the utilization of onsite and offshore resources.


The biggest challenge in the offshore maintenance work was streamlining the coordination between the offshore and the onsite team, which led to the development of a robust governance model, to ensure seamless knowledge transfer. Also the SLA requirements were very stringent as the client was focusing on reducing maintenance cost through increase in productivity and a metrics-driven SLA.

Our solution

BVM provided production support and maintenance of the following applications:



Infosys was able to bring in the necessary technical competencies and experience. It had the ability to accommodate immediate and new requirements. Some of the key benefits the client achieved from offshoring maintenance were:

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