Whether you are migrating applications to Microsoft Azure, developing cloud-native apps, or integrating apps across hybrid clouds, Riverbed has solutions to optimize app performance and simplify WAN management.

Plan for Application Migration

Riverbed Professional Services takes the drama out of migrating apps to Azure Virtual Machines by helping you identify hidden risks and constraints that can lead to performance issues, unexpected delays, and unplanned costs.

  • Map application dependencies
  • Use quantitative analysis to predict post-migration performance
  • Offer recommendations to improve performance and reduce risk

Optimize Application Performance

Improve performance by finding, troubleshooting, and resolving issues faster. Our APM tools give you visibility from the end user all the way into the Azure Cloud.

Use policy-based selection of network paths to prioritize critical apps over other traffic with Riverbed SD-WAN Improve the performance of all applications with WAN optimization between your enterprise and the Azure Cloud as well as between Azure regions

Set and Meet Service Levels

Service provider SLAs stop at the edge of the cloud. Riverbed can help to ensure consistently high levels of application performance and end user satisfaction.

Set service level targets
Monitor performance in real-time
Detect problems before they impact end users

Speed Application Development

Deliver frequent yet high-quality releases of Azure-based apps to meet end-user expectations and achieve your business objectives.

Detailed diagnostics that reduce the need to replicate bugs so developers can fix them faster
Powerful analytics that illuminate hidden performance issues and pinpoint their causes down to code level

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